Fields of Vision


Fields of vision.
I started exploring the ways in which you can photograph a new place without making the classic tourist image. When living in Boston, USA I wanted to capture Boston in a way you would normally not do. I gave myself 6 assignments for 6 days. The assignment would be decided by 1 dice; this dice would determine what I would photograph. It forced me to look at things I normally would not look at when walking, running or driving through Boston.
By doing this I made my own ‘new’ story about Boston.
The Rules.
You need: 1 dice, 6 assignments and a camera.
Limit: max 2 assignments per day, 12 photos per assignment. (except for assignment 3, you can do 12 per subject).
Mark the ones you already did, when you dice the same number again you do the first one on the list you didn’t do yet.

  1. Photograph all the people that are sitting or waiting.
  2. Photograph the ground you are walking on.
  3. Photograph the walls, doors and windows you come across (max 12 per subject)
  4. Photograph all the rubbish you see around you.
  5. Every 20 minutes photograph the place where you are.
  6. Photograph people’s feet/ shoes you pass or meet on the street.

Note: When you take a picture with a digital camera, you can’t erase it!
Why 12 photo’s? Because on a 120-mm camera the minimum photo’s you can take are 12.
If you have multiply cameras that you want to use for this assignment, you can also dice which camera you are using.